"Taking a picture is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies”

Diane Arbus

Raised in the Netherlands and Germany by parents who had great love for us children. Creatively inspired by my beloved father. Taught finding beauty in everything by my lovely mother. 
Got my first camera in my hands at age of fourteen and never stopped. 
As a self-taught photographer I get some help from my critical, but ever so professional teacher husband, who taught Photography for many years. 

Photography is art and an everlasting journey and I will probably never stop evolving it. Creating a moment of beauty and capturing that very best in hidden moments, that makes you want rest a bit in the scene.

I am a travel addict and I can’t help it, but I am always pulled to Scandinavia and Bavaria. As Scott Lorenzo says: “The picture you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create in reality.” 
Using my camera with respect and fun as I treat the people and situations I capture. When I am not taking pictures, I walk with our lovely dogs or bake apple pies. I think my apple pie is one of the best. 

Everyday I make snapshots of my dogs and if you want to see my latest work, check one of my instagram accounts.